About “Iron Lords awakening” of new details

Destiny – to fall extension “Iron Lords awakening” New details are MMO shooter Destiny, now more or less in the wings. In September, the guardian can look forward to a new adventure, as well as greatly improve their ability to light levels. Even in the Bungie he had announced that “Iron Lords Awakening” maximum light level from the current 335 to increase the value you do not have an exact date to name.

The cat is now out of the bag, but – with your guardian in order to bring light level 400 DLC. At least one hard mode, new attacks will be available, which will be loaded later. Thus, after the release of the rise of the steel, now it is only 385 times may be met, in order to improve its optical gear. 40 characters from the current level cap, but there are still weitehin and not canceled. This is not surprising also, finally decided not your level, but you’re on your strength light.

In addition, many other new details of the fate of DLC released. Among them, for example, the return of the lost holiday and prospects up to eight new heritage and unique ability to activate. In addition, you will be able to grow a lot of new weapons and armor suits your guardian a cool new look.

About the source code can learn more details have been given about a month before the rise of well-known steel Bungie released.

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Echo soul closed in South Korea and China

Understanding burst upon him then. Understanding, and embarrassment, and irritation, and anger. He composed himself with an effort—it was hardly the girl’s fault, indeed, she was the one being ill used.

Hangame, free to play MMORPG echo the soul behind the release of the publication of the Korean team recently announced that the game will stop all services, and access to 22 October. Korean market cap, “unable to provide satisfactory content for the players,” the reason behind, although it has made significant Hangame is slowly transition to mobile gaming platform.

Aeria Games, the publisher responsible for award-winning soul echo here in the West, issued a statement shortly after – reassuring players in their local version of the game will not close and the service will continue as expected.

Soul Echo is also struggling to maintain swim in the Chinese game market also told the players, their souls echo version will stop the player of basic services to the November 17, no serious updates or new content since July.

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SOE: Star Wars fans will feel “at home” in the new MMO

It was possible, despite the increased security. After all, if Orgrim Doomhammer could escape from the Undercity, in the very heart of the palace, Thrall could escape from Durnholde.

John Smedley, president of SOE, SOE online games next project will be a “sandbox element” Star Wars galaxy similar characteristics.

In the past few years, the most painful collapse can be said that a MMO Star Wars galaxy. Everything Although the game is not always beloved, it successfully accumulated a considerable and dedicated fan base, this is grief, when Sony Online Entertainment announced that it will close that case in 2011, John SOE president special foam history Levin recently revealed that the company has to say, according to his statement, the “committed” the title of the Star Wars galaxy fans work unannounced.

According to Smedley, a new online game would be “a game, a lot of old [Star Wars] players will feel like at home.” In the “home” will obviously appeal from the freedom-based mechanisms of the new game. “It has, it is the weight of what makes SWG sandbox elements, explained:” Smedley. Sadly, Smedley also able to confirm that the new MMO is “not a Star Wars game.

This is not to say that we want it to be one. It is not so long ago, of course, that Electronic Arts has signed a long-term contract with Disney to give it the exclusive right to operate, so that Star Wars video games. Shortly put, it will take part in state-owned enterprises, some intense finagling get in the universe based on the need to make a new network game required permissions. The fact added, EA is still trying to make money in their luxurious expensive Star Wars MMORPG, we feel safe to say, a Star Wars 2 will never happen, even if the state-owned enterprises want it. That is, if there is no pre-existing license almost let this new game is more interesting because it’s creative choices, it can be said to be more extensive. In turn, we will wait to see what Smedley and friends have their own sleeves.

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Perfect World sneak into a new extension, torrent

Viryx cursed, shedding her disguise so she could stretch her wings. She flew over the huts of Veil Akraz. She landed without grace on a tree just beyond the village, scattering a dozen kaliri that had been preening themselves among the branches.

Perfect World is not just a company … This is a game, too! And in just a few weeks, that game will be more big, honking expansion.

Torrent is Perfect World’s upcoming extension, as its name should be pointed out that many of the action will take place underwater. The new, high-level area only a big news with this expansion, torrent will launch star map (aura) system that allows players to unlock unique lovers, as they progress.

And you think MMO expansion from the usual things: a new endgame dungeons, new daily task, a case of trial mode, the new mounts and pets, and more. You can read more about the extension, which on-line on August 17, on the PWI website.

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Update: wow big-headed wildstar Carbine Studios?

“They are part of a lullaby, from a time before… the divide.” Reshad spread his arms, gazing at his surroundings. “Before the curse, when the arakkoa were something more. When they were wiser.” He dug into his tattered robes and withdrew a roll of old.Viryx took the scroll. She turned it in her hand, examining the faded runes scrawled
across the sheath.
Update: Whipple has declared his position is not just as part of Carbine Studios NCsoft company as a whole. His new title is senior content manager, he specifically mentioned, not only wildstar chirping, and Heaven II, Aion, and the sword of the Spirit
You may have heard a few weeks ago before wildstar design producer Stephan cream recently started in Blizzard World of Warcraft production of new designs. In mmobomb, we do not conceal the details of his departure from Carbine Studios or his new job since before he left, wildstar free game announcement, apparently Warcraft world of work, a subscription-based MMO game, not let you in on our site. a lot of exposure.
So why mention it now?
In what seems to be a hockey trade, World of Warcraft fans you may have heard (a recent), a well-known community manager Micah “translate” Whipple leave Blizzard Entertainment. Where he ended? Ah today from Bashiok tweet may have already answered this question:
For those who do not know, Whipple’s dashboard, the little guy a rowsdower, cute goat like creatures from Carbine Studios wildstar.

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Project 1999 Velious Announcement

Velious launches May 30! That’s the big news announced in yesterdays streaming bonanza. Let me back up just a bit. Project 1999 is a private EverQuest server set in the ‘classic’ EverQuest era. The server launched in 2009 when the founder had finished playing Vanguard and decided he missed the original EverQuest experience. To this date, Project 1999 remains the best way to legally play the original EverQuest experience.

Project 1999 (P99 for short) has been in Kunark since around this time in 2011. Albeit the best expansion in EverQuest history, that’s a really long time to be in the Kunark expansion. Nevertheless, the population and community have thrived. I have played P99 on and off since about 2010, loving the go-to nostalgia rush and enjoyment I can find in the Norrath that I remember so fondly.

Okay, back to last night.

Last night there was this big live stream even with the founders of P99 and some of the top brass. Although listening to the stream was… trying (to say the least) on my patience… they finally got to the point of announcing that Velious launches May 30th on P99 Blue (Red is the open-pvp server).

During the announcement it was revealed that server population records were broken in real time on the server. I was on the server along with 3 other Keen and Graev Community members: Bartillo, Damage, and Yotor. We were all in East Commonlands and North Desert of Ro during the event and let me tell you there were indeed a lot of people there. Funny enough we all thought it was coming out tonight (for whatever reason) so we packed ourselves on the dock in NRo.

Several other big announcements were made. Namely…

Velious content will be released on the regular Velious timeline. This includes removing the hybrid class exp penalty 2 months into launch of Velious.
P99 will go no further than Velious. There will never be cats on the moon.
CUSTOM CONTENT will be released in the future after Velious runs its course. This includes new NPCs, items, quests, zones, etc. They want to create a never-ending classic EQ experience even if that means moving forward custom.
Team PvP server (Tallos Zek back in the day) will come eventually
Some of the biggest and best news of the night: PROGRESSION SERVERS!

After Velious has been out for a while, they plan to launch a new server that will progress at the rate of live EverQuest meaning that EQ will launch, a year later Kunark, 6 months later Velious, etc. When Velious is out for a while they will then fold that server back into the main P99 server and start over again. I was incredibly excited to hear this news — it’s exactly what I’ve blogged about several times over the past month!

I’m thrilled about all of the news. My EQ itch is back stronger than ever. I’ll continue to level my Enchanter, and I may even start a Bard alt. Seeing so many people care about the game brought back lots of memories. Good times then, and good times to come.

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Evaluating Crowfall’s Recent Siege Concepts

Crowfall has given me plenty of reason to pause and question. Everything from temporary battleground experience to arcade matches, and then the idea of fragmenting communities (the foundation of group pvp) by creating FFA campaigns, guild vs. guild campaigns, etc.

I’m finding a few more issues with Crowfall’s proposed PvP mechanics that were recently shown in a video. Take a look.

Vulnerability Windows – “For the next two hours the city can be attacked.” That’s a mistake.

Scripted Events – (Bloodstone telling players to go here, go there) This essentially states that players should zerg. The bloodstone says to go to X,Y? Okay, everyone go to X,Y. That’s a mistake.

Expecting true Emergent Gameplay within a ‘Battleground’ – You can’t expect emergent gameplay when you create victory scenarios centered around timed capture the flag mechanics and vulnerability windows. You’ll only create an arcade experience. Basing your entire PvP campaign system around it… That’s a mistake.

There needs to be a long-term drive or a purpose, which I have yet to see explained. There must be a ‘reason’ to keep fighting. PvP for the sake of PvP will not last in 2015+. Games like that are a dime a dozen. This is why when people start to lose, I expect they’ll simply stop playing.

Now I’ll be constructive and offer advice.

Let’s assume they did stick with this. There are a few key points they’ll have to consider. First, to make this scenario work (which I realize is just one example of many “emergent” gameplay opportunities) the map has to be huge. Any map where players can realistically turn back to defend after committing to going after a Bloodstone will fail. Second, the reward for this Bloodstone thing has to be incredible. Third, the Bloodstone reward has to be diametrically opposed to the Keep reward so that players are actually having to choose which reward they want rather than simply choosing to double down. Fourth, they have to remove those vulnerability windows. That keep should be vulnerable 24/7; if it’s worth defending and not designed to fall in 30 seconds to a zerg then it will be defended.

It’s not impossible to make such a system like this fun, but it will be incredibly difficult to make it fun for long.

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